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Chief Executive Officer

Clinical Manager - Midwest

Confidential - Chief Financial Officer

General Counsel

Sales Operations Manager

Vice President, Marketing and Healthcare Economics

Vice President, Medical Affairs

Vice President, Operations

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Confidential - Executive Vice President, Clinical, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

Country Manager, Mexican Affiliate

Director, COPD/Asthma, CDMA

Director, Metabolic CDMA

Director, Project Management

Director, Quality Compliance & Systems

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Head of Quality, Compliance and Regulatory

Medical Communications Director

Medical Director

President, USA

Sales Manager/Commercial Manager, CMO/API

Senior Director, Program Management

Senior Medical Officer

Vice President, Finance

Vice President, GCP Quality Assurance

Vice President, Product Development

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality

Vice President, Research and Development

Vice President, Sales & Marketing Non Injectables

Managing Director, Healthcare Sector - Pharma

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