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Chief Executive Officer

Confidential - Chief Financial Officer

Confidential - President, Chief Executive Officer

Confidential - Vice President, Quality

Director, Operations Human Resources

Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Vice President, Marketing and Healthcare Economics

Vice President, Medical Affairs

Vice President, Operations

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Confidential - Executive Vice President, Clinical, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

Country Manager, Mexican Affiliate

Director, COPD/Asthma, CDMA

Director, Human Resources

Director, Metabolic CDMA

Director, Project Management

Director, Quality Compliance

Executive Director Medical Affairs, Cardiovascular

Head of Market Access

Head of Regulatory Affairs, Vaccines

President, USA

Quality Manager

Sales Manager/Commercial Manager, CMO/API

Senior Director of Quality

Vice President, Product Development

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality

Vice President, Research and Development

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